About Us

Our Mission

Kingsley Plays Together provides fun, accessibility and equality to children of all abilities. Children are able to play alongside their peers without the worries of access barriers, encouraging friendship and belonging to all students. Here at Kingsley, our core values of inclusion, kindness and cooperation are represented through our playground.

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Our Why

Vogus Family

For my girls and our community to have a fun, safe and inclusive place to play! So excited to be able to do something good for our awesome neighborhood and school!

Penner Family

Playgrounds should be a place ALL kids can come together and build connections. An inclusive and safe space - our kids deserve it and I am so excited to be a part of this for our community.

Malone Family

The mission statement embodies why I am working towards a better playground for my children, and the children in our community!

Zurliene Family

For my son who has physical disabilities and is currently unable to play alongside his peers.

Wilhite Family

For my daughter to have the ability to play with ALL of her friends, in a safe and exciting place.

Bubulka Family

For my kids to have a safe place to play and for all students to be able to play together.

Boyle Family

For the Kingsley community and kids of all ages, we hope this new playground provides everyone a chance to connect and play together.

Leesman Family

For my kids and all of the Kingsley kids from the past, present, and future. We are better when we all play together!

Sullivan Family

For my girls and the community's kids to have a safe and inclusive playground for ALL abilities.

Muschong Family

The Playground Planning Committee is proud to be part of, and working with the Kingsley PTA!

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